The famous presenter, publisher and entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey she hosted one of his panels “Oprah Daily” on the subject of the “stigma” of obesity, which affects two billion adults worldwide, while he also spoke about the her own weight loss struggle.

You all know I have been on this journey for most of my life. My heaviest weight was around 107kg. I don’t know if there is another public figure whose struggle with obesity has been exploited as much as mine. You’ve all seen me go on one diet after another…but my body always seems to want to go back to a certain weightshe said characteristically, while commenting on the fact that people treated her differently when she was overweight especially when she went to stores.

All of us who have been through it know that people treat you differently, they just do».

And he continued:People say to you, “Come let’s show you the gloves. Do you want to take a look at the bags? Because we understand there’s nothing else for us here. There’s understatement, we’ve got the stigma” explained.

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At another point Winfrey spoke about prescription drugs used by people who want to lose weight. “Shouldn’t we be more accepting of the body we choose to have? This should be a personal choice. Even when I started learning about weight loss drugs I said, “I have to do it myself. Medicine is the easy solutionhe added.