When a member of the royal family begins his student life – as… blue-blooded as he may be – it is a given that at some point he will go nuts like all students in the world, (some more and some less).

Thus, the educational institution that will undertake his higher education should be ready to protect the privacy of his student.

Prince William studied at his University St Andrews, where he also met his future wife, Kate Middleton. During those four years in Scotland, no “inappropriate” stories about the future king of Britain ever leaked to the press.

The famous sheer dress Kate Middleton wore to a university charity show in 2002 wowed William

The deal with the press

Dr Brian Lang was the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the university during William’s time as a student at St Andrews.

In an interview with Hello, he revealed how the university had an agreement with the press so “the prince can enjoy his time there like any other student”.

He said the foundation negotiated with the British newspapers and they agreed that the university would give them one photo every semester, in exchange for the rest of the time not dealing with the prince.


Britain’s Prince William poses as a student at the University of St Andrews, Scotland – Monday November 15, 2004.

The professor also emphasized how big a role the cooperation of his fellow students played in the prince’s privacy. As he said, there were rumors that foreign newspapers “offered £3,000 for a story on William” but no one ever agreed to talk.