Old rivals, Jojo Todynho criticizes Cariúcha’s game in A Fazenda 15: ‘Get out of there and start over’


Singer Jojo Todynho didn’t mince words when giving his opinion on Cariúcha’s participation in A Fazenda 15 (Record). In a video this Wednesday (4), Jojo expressed her concern about the influencer’s stance on the reality show, claiming that it reinforces harmful stereotypes about black women.

“The voice of the people, aka Cariúcha, will come out as an example for all the people who think they can rise above others with evil and lies. It doesn’t do anything. It may take a while, karma, but sometimes, he comes by jet”, began Jojo.

The winner of the 2020 edition of the same program made a point of highlighting her own achievements, highlighting that she achieved them on her own merit, without depending on favors. She continued to criticize Cariúcha’s conduct inside the house, stating that the person is perpetuating prejudices, especially against black women.

“Unfortunately, there is still that saying that ‘black people don’t have a voice’. With black people, other people think they can do whatever they want,” she lamented. “Cariúcha went to reality to be stereotyped with everything that people like to say about black women. That they are from the favela, without content. Everything that is negative, they want to associate with black people. And Cariúcha, recklessly , was there to reinforce that.”

The singer also emphasized the need for Cariúcha to educate herself on racial issues, suggesting that the influencer should seek training. “I hope you get out of there and start again, because everyone has the right to take a racial literacy course and learn, because you need to learn!” she concluded.

Cariúcha has a long history of fights with Jojo. It all started when she said that her rival was responsible for the separation between Pabllo Vittar and Anitta, back in 2017. More recently, the influencer made fun of the fact that the presenter had bought a valuable car for her new boyfriend.

Source: Folha

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