Paulo Vilhena ironizes news that he has gotten back together with Sandy; see video


Paulo Vilhena used his social networks this Wednesday (4) to respond in an ironic way to the speculation that appeared on the internet associating his name with that of the singer Sandy after the announcement of her separation with Lucas Lima. The actor, who had a relationship with the singer in 2000 and is currently married to Maria Luiza, with whom he has a one and a half month old daughter, expressed his indignation at the insinuations.

In the video shared by Paulo Vilhena, he and his wife begin by expressing their displeasure with the situation. Maria Luiza highlights: “Good afternoon, everyone. How are you? Today we came to talk about a not very pleasant subject.” The actor agrees and she continues: “We thought it was absurd, a lack of respect, right, love? Very annoying.”

Then, Paulo Vilhena displays the image used in a post on the internet and ironically comments: “It’s absurd. A lack of respect. It’s very annoying. It’s bad for our family, for Luiza, for me it’s terrible. Because , for the love of God, look at this forehead here. Why didn’t they put a current photo? A total lack of respect. It’s not possible. Please, guys, we appreciate your understanding.”

After the announcement of Sandy and Lucas Lima’s separation, social media was filled with speculation about the possibility of a new relationship between Sandy and the actor. These rumors gained repercussion on several websites and generated the creation of memes, in addition to comparisons with similar celebrity cases, such as Wanessa Camargo’s relationship with actor Dado Dolabella, after the end of her marriage to businessman Marcos Buaiz, ​​last year. .


Source: Folha

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