After the web asked for Yuri’s expulsion from A Fazenda 15, Adriane Galisteu promises a statement


Presenter Adriane Galisteu used her Instagram profile to address Yuri Meirelles’ statements that caused controversy in A Fazenda 15 (Record). In a video published in his stories, this Wednesday (4), Galisteu shared information about an important speech that is scheduled to take place on the live program.

“You really want a statement. Record has already made a statement, but today, live, there’s a sound and a statement, so it’s cool to watch, I hope you do. After all, today is the day of the Farmer’s Test and also of dot the i’s”, she highlighted in her video.

The issue of Yuri’s allegedly homophobic statements caused a wave of discussion and criticism on social media, with many viewers and internet users calling for the model’s expulsion.

The controversy began when Tonzão Chagas confronted Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband, after a comment made to Sander Mecca. Yuri and Darlan Cunha also got involved in the fight and headed towards Lucas. During the clash, the model allegedly mocked Lucas’ gestures while he exchanged shouts with Darlan, insinuating that he had a weak attitude. “It’s a cocksucker,” said Yuri.

After hearing the comment, Tonzão and WL Guimarães were shocked and reprimanded the model. “What is it? Not like that!”, said Tonzão. “Pay attention to what you’re saying, I already gave you the vision,” WL added, expressing his disappointment.

Source: Folha

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