Juliette Binoche discovers a new taste, that of new love in the film by French-Vietnamese director Tran An Hung, “On fire”which will open in the 64th Thessaloniki Film Festivalon November 2.

Written and directed by him Tran An Hung, the film is also France’s official Oscar nomination for Best International Film. “In Fire” premiered at Cannes in 2023, winning the Director Award. The French actor Benoit Mazimel stars alongside Binoche.

Based on the novel “La vie et la passion de Dodin-Bouffant, gourmet” by Marcel Rouf, this romantic period drama is set in late 19th-century France and follows the life of Dodin Bouffant (Mazimel), an accomplished chef who lives with his personal cook and lover Eugénie (Binos).

Eugénie and Dodin share a long history of gastronomy and love. While the emotions remain subdued, the culinary discoveries are, on the other hand, surprisingly excellent. The only obstacle is that Eugénie refuses to marry Dodin. So the foodie decides to do something he’s never done before: cook for her.

“Into the Fire” unfolds the complex relationship between Dodin and Eugénie, inviting us to savor life to the fullest, exploring the transcendent bond that binds amorous desire to the enjoyment of food. At the same time, it poses timeless questions about the nature of human relationships, leaving a subtle feminist commentary.

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