Accused of sexual harassment, Jason Derulo says he is ‘deeply offended’ and denies crime


Singer Jason Derulo took to social media to deny having committed sexual abuse against Emaza Gibson. The singer known for being part of the group Ceraadi filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, she was dismissed from working with Derulo after denying alleged sexual advances in exchange for a contract.

“I wouldn’t normally comment, but these statements are completely false and hurtful. I am against all forms of harassment and continue to support anyone following their dreams,” Derulo began in the video.

“I have always strived to live my life in a positively impactful way, which is why I stand before you deeply offended by these defamatory statements. God bless,” he added.

According to information from the New York Post, Derulo contacted Emaza to involve her in a project that would include his music label, Future History, and Atlantic Records. The artist claims that she began working with the singer to create songs to be presented to executives at Atlantic Records.

During this period, Derulo allegedly invited her to dates, such as drinks and dinners, invitations that the singer refused in the hope of maintaining a strictly professional relationship.

In November 2021, the situation reportedly intensified before a meeting with record company executives. The rapper reportedly suggested that another woman join them, which made Emana believe it was an intimate relationship.

Afterwards, Emaza was released from Atlantic Records on September 6, 2021. Her lawyer, Ron Zambrano, issued a statement claiming that Derulo “not only broke promises and violated contracts, but his threats of physical harm and unconscionable sexual advances toward the young woman, which is just trying to break into the industry, were outrageous and illegal.”

Source: Folha

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