Normally his concert will take place Bryan Adamswhich is scheduled for Tuesday, December 5 in Athensas the venue that has been closed for the concert is the OAKA Indoor Basketball Court, which is not affected by the problems that occurred in the Calatrava canopy and is functioning normally.

According to the announcement of the organizing company, “the concert of Bryan Adams on Tuesday, December 5th in Athens will be held as normal, as the OAKA Indoor Basketball Court has been designated as the venue of the concert from the beginning and it is not affected by the recent decision for the Olympic Stadium of Athens “Spyros Louis” (this is another building)”.

This announcement comes after the “lockout” of the Spyros Louis Olympic Stadium, which came after reactions caused by the revelation that the famous Calatrava canopy had not been maintained for two decades, making it unsuitable and potentially dangerous.

It has not yet been clarified what will happen with the Coldplay concert which has marked an unprecedented double sell out and was scheduled to take place next summer – a period when OAKA will remain closed.