The death of Mary Chronopoulou on Friday moved all of Greece.

Anna Vissi dedicated one of her favorite songs to the great lady of Greek cinema on Saturday – at her concert in Herodeion. It is about the song “Eleni” written by Nikos Karvelas for a fan of Anna Vissi, who passed away.

“I remember, I had written her a letter that said, ‘Helen, wherever you go, look to be happy.’ And when I told Nikos, that the girls, her friends, wanted him to write her a song, he wrote these words, without me saying anything to him. And that was very, what can I say, karmic? Strange, this is our relationship, Niko. Tonight, let me dedicate it, and each of you, wherever you want basically because there isn’t a person who hasn’t lost loved ones. Let’s think about it tonight. And tonight I will especially dedicate it to a lady of Greek cinema who passed away. For Mary Chronopoulou” said Anna Vissi from the stage of Herodei.

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