A Fazenda 15: Cariúcha, Sheherazade and Márcia Fu fight in the game Ferra Peão; see how it was


The atmosphere heated up in A Fazenda 15 (Record), on this Monday’s program (9), with the exhibition of the dynamic Ferra Peão. Participants were invited to resurrect the famous game from the sixth season of the reality show, which is very simple: each pawn needed to choose the name of the opponent they want to “screw”, justify it, take the tool from the brazier and mark the nominee’s name on a large panel.

Soon after, of course, players can hit each other. In the advertisements, the biggest victims were Márcia Fu and Rachel Sheherazade, who had heated discussions. The former volleyball player’s first intervention was from Kally Fonseca, who accused her of having “invented gossip” with her name. Márcia, in turn, confessed that she passed on a line from Jaquelline Grohalski to Kamila Simioni, but never said anything about Kally.

Afterwards, Jenny Miranda called Fu to another duel, criticizing the former athlete: “The mask doesn’t last long and you haven’t been yourself since you entered. You acted like a poor thing!” Thus, the rival called her colleague “rotten”.

Ferra Peão remained hot after a disagreement between Cariúcha and Rachel Sheherazade. “You wanted to accuse me of a prejudiced person!”, pointed out the journalist, remembering the episode in which the funk singer accused her of racism.

Once again, Cariúcha insisted on his criticism and Rachel said: “Don’t spit on me because you could be expelled!” Before that, she confronted Cezar Black and criticized his obfuscation in the game, in addition to insisting that she is there to defend minorities. “The person who most defends gays in this country is me!”, said the funk singer, shouting.

Source: Folha

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