The final declarations of participation for the Europe Youth tournament of Loutraki


The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU), the organizing authority for the Europe Youth Series, has published the entry lists for the Greece tournament, which will be held in Loutraki, Corinthia, from Wednesday 25 to Sunday 29 October ( – Greece Open).

The open is aimed at athletes from the continent up to 13 and up to 15 years of age and includes the team, singles and doubles events.

The final statements remained in low numbers, however, the importance for the Greek sports federation does not change, which is to succeed organizationally in its first such venture in the modern era and secondly to give the opportunity to many of its own athletes for international competitions in its own terrain. The open will gather a total of 45 children from three countries, the vast majority of them, of course, from Greece. It will be hosted in the excellent sports facility of Sport Camp and will be the 4th in the inaugural year of the institution.

This week there will be a 3rd one in Plzen, Czech Republic (the very close date of the two obviously played a role in the low participation from abroad in Loutraki) and there is one more in 2023, towards the end of November in Nevsehir, Turkey.

Georgia and Denmark are the two foreign countries that will have athletes at the Greek Open. Three athletes and two gymnasts Georgia, four athletes and four athletes Denmark. All the other athletes are from Greece and we remind you that the pampaids and pankorasides can also compete in the above age category. Also in the team, mixed teams are formed, i.e. with boys and girls together, as was defined from the beginning for the Greek tournament.

The final Entry Lists in detail, as listed on the ETTU website for each event:

In the Under 15 category of Mixed Teams there are 5 teams that are being formed, the same number are in the Under 13 category, the compositions of the Greek teams are simply not mentioned yet. In both cases we will have Greece 1, Greece 2, Greece 3.

In the Under 15 singles category, 25 male and 20 female athletes are to take part, while in the Under 13 singles category, 16 and 9 have declared respectively.

In the Under 15 boys’ doubles, 9 pairs are expected to compete and in the Under 15 girls’ doubles another 9. In the Under 13 boys’ doubles, the final declarations are 13 and in the Under 13 girls’ doubles 8.

The competition schedule, always as stated by the ETTU on its website, opens with the team groups at 09:00 on Wednesday 25/10. The first two days have team matches only and the event finals are set for Friday 27/10 at 18:00. The individual matches will have started from the morning of the same day as the singles groups and will continue over the weekend. On the evening of Saturday 28/10, the doubles finals will be held for all ages (from 20:00). The program closes on the morning of Sunday 29/10 with the singles finals in the four age categories (from 09:00).

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