Driver involved in running over Kayky Brito buys new car with virtual crowdfunding money


App driver Diones Coelho celebrated on his social networks the acquisition of a new car, thanks to the generosity of donors in a virtual crowdfunding. The gesture of solidarity took place after Coelho shared a video on his profile, in which he vented about his precarious financial situation and the impossibility of repairing his vehicle involved in the run-over of actor Kayky Brito, which occurred in the early hours of September 2, in Rio de Janeiro.

In a post this Wednesday (11), he expressed his gratitude in a photo next to his new ride. “Today I’m getting the new car so I can work in a better category on the apps and increase my monthly income, allowing me to work fewer hours in the category I’ll work in!”, he wrote, in a post on Instagram. “Once again, gratitude to everyone, may God prosper in all areas of each of your lives! You have certainly always been in my prayers. Gratitude overflows my heart! God is good all the time.”

In an interview with gshow, Coelho shared details about the previous car, explaining: “I bought [o novo carro] because I don’t want to use the old one anymore. I’m waiting for the old vehicle to be ready at the workshop so I can sell it and pay off what’s left.”

The vehicle purchased is valued at R$110 thousand.

Source: Folha

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