Masouras on bwinSPORT FM: “Good atmosphere in the locker room of the national team, ready for the big challenge”


THE Hellas is at a critical crossroads in the course, which it has started with the aim of qualifying for the finals of Euro 2024. After it will be called upon to overcome next Friday (13/10, 21:45) its obstacle Irelandso that it goes on Monday (16/10, 21:45) to a “final” with Netherlands for the 2nd place of the 2nd group.

One of their best players in this… Marathon and their top scorer with three goals so far is George Masouraswho spoke to News Bulletin 247 and the Sotiris Tabako ahead of the two key matches.

Let’s go all out with the Netherlands, provided we get the win against Ireland“, mentioned the ace of Olympiakos, who did not hesitate to say about the chances of returning to a major competition after ten years “I think the time has come“, while about the… secret of the blue and white he said: “the atmosphere in the locker room of the national team is nice»

Interview with Sotiris Tabakos

The national team enters the final stretch of the Euro 2024 qualifiers and has the two matches against Ireland and the Netherlands ahead of it. Can the case of qualification in Germany’s stadiums be largely decided from October?

The primary goal was to qualify for the final stage from the qualifiers no matter how difficult the group. We managed to win the matches, which in theory were within our means to continue to claim direct qualification to Euro 2024. We have to look game by game, be as focused. Fortunately, we had an extra day to properly prepare for Friday’s clash with Ireland».

In the event that the National team gets the “double” in Dublin, do you think they will line up with a different air in the next game against the Netherlands to increase their chances of qualification?

This is our goal. Let’s go all out with the Netherlands, provided we get the win against Ireland. The first step, however, must be taken on Friday, with the three points in Dublin».

Ireland are a team with a dominant element of their power play. She is very good in static phases. Do you think it will take more effort from everyone compared to the first match at OPAP Arena?

This is obvious. The Irish rely on that kind of play. We will have to adapt immediately. We know they are struggling, there are no excuses, we have to be ready and work well in those areas of the game. To impose our advantages, that we can beat them to manage to get the three points. Otherwise, if we go to a match that the opponent wants, i.e. with static phases, unnecessary fouls near our area and corners, we may have a problem. We have to play with the ball down, with quality and bring out on the field the characteristics of our game. In this way, we have a high chance of getting the victory».

Does it bother you that it is a period where you are playing twice a week in the league and in Europe with your clubs and fatigue is likely to set in?

Personally, it would bother me if I didn’t have toys on my feet (laughter). We are in the main part of the season, there is a full rhythm and I believe this will help all the guys, who are in very good condition. We are ready for the big challenge and looking ahead».

You are the top scorer of the National team in the qualifying phase with three goals, performing very well. Are you ready to help score this time too?

Of course I’m ready! Everyone has to look at their role in the game, we as strikers have to score goals. Obviously, it’s a team effort to be able to score. Of course, in the last match against Gibraltar, a striker Giakoumakis assisted me to score the second goal. Another time, I’ll make the pass to the forward to score. This is how things are. There is no ego on the pitch and that’s how different footballers score. It is the overall functioning of the team and the nice atmosphere that exists in the locker room».


With Baldock you have a very good partnership on the right side, however he is injured and will be absent from the two matches against Ireland and the Netherlands…

Every football player has his own characteristics. With Giorgos (s.s. Baldock) we have done very good collaborations, but both Rota and Saliakas are high-level players. If the coach chooses me and Lazarus we will work together for the good of the team».

A message you want to send to the world ahead of the next match against the Netherlands in New Philadelphia?

What I perceive all this time is that there is a positive aura prevailing for the National team. The opponent is strong and I believe the crowd will fill the stadium. If we continue with the same competitiveness and the same zeal to present something healthy on the field then the world will embrace this effort».

Almost ten years have passed since the last participation of the National team in a final phase. In the discussions between you, but also in your statements, you express the belief that the time may have come to check a ticket for Euro 2024…

I think they have been sorely missed in all the big national team summer tournaments. Young and old children to watch the National team in Euro or World Cup. I believe the time has come, but these are all words. Everything will be decided inside the stadium, starting with the next two matches against Ireland and the Netherlands».

Source: Sport Fm

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