The Israeli Gal Gadot, known to everyone as “Wonder Woman”, is constantly posting about what is happening in her country after the attacks by Hamas.

“Wonder Woman” had even served in the country’s army before becoming an actress and consistently supports Israel’s operations whenever the situation with the Palestinians escalates.

In one of her initial posts, she had described how heartbroken she was to see the dead and injured.

In her second post on Instagram is David’s steri.

“I am with Israel,” he comments.

In a third post, she describes that her country is under attack and that she needs help, even quoting a relevant link for anyone who wishes to help financially.

The “Wonder Woman” of the cinema, made a tally of the dead and injured, with the data that existed on the night of October 7th.

Hamas holds hostages, controls bases and settlements in Israel. I hear their voices and they knock on the door. I am with my two young children. My heart hurts. I pray for all those who are hurting” wrote, among other things, the famous actress.

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He later returned, posting the now signature blue image of the country’s flag.

I am with Israel and you should be too. The world cannot remain apathetic when these horrific acts occur!».

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In her newest posts, the famous actress attaches videos with reports of missing babies, mothers who talk to the camera about the loss of their children, while the post is typical – a message to all women in the world “What would you do if it were your children ».

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