Bedtime stories narrated by celebrities become a fever and help with sleep


Beyond the stages and cinema screens, it is possible to become more intimate with big names in the world of celebrities, or almost go under the covers with them — but not in the flesh.

For those who have difficulty sleeping or would like to hear the voice of someone they really like, stories narrated by celebrities are a great choice and have become a rage. Harry Styles’ narration, in the story called “Dream With Me”, on the sleep and meditation app Calm, in 2020, caused the platform to crash on the day of its release.

This segment became popular as “sleepcast” (a combination of podcast and the word sleep, in English) and attracted other names that joined the wave. Matthew McConaughey narrated the story of Wonder and Cillian Murphy, from “Oppenheimer”, as well, for the same platform as the former One Direction member.

Some platforms, such as Headspace and Sleep Sound, created series with seasons for viewers to hear the voices of John Legend and Jamie Dornan.

Some comedians also jumped on the bandwagon and started making similar content. American Joe Pera even says that he received criticism from some followers when he added bell noises to stories. For him, success comes from the tranquility that a guided story causes in those who listen.

“People want company. Often, your thoughts are going out of control to places you don’t want them to go. Having something that brings you balance makes sense. It’s a nice feeling, rather than just lying in the dark alone,” he said. in an interview with The Guardian.

Source: Folha

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