Jojo Todynho celebrates Cariúcha’s elimination and video goes viral


Luis Eduardo de Sousa

A video of singer Jojo Todynho celebrating the elimination of fellow singer Alessandra Cariúcha from the reality show A Fazenda 15 (Record TV) went viral on Twitter. Cariúcha has been a rival of Jojo for some time and was the 3rd eliminated from the game in the first minutes of this Friday (13).

In the video, published on Instagram, Jojo appears dancing and shouting: “eliminated, eliminated”. In another publication, the singer says that evil won over good. She even went live as soon as the voting results were announced.

“I wanted to tell you that I’m the good one, and it’s worth remembering that I was never crazy in my thesis. Champion, baby, champion. Eternally champion. How can it be, the bad champion, the good one cancelled”, said Jojo laughing.

The videos ended up on X (formerly Twitter) and became late-night entertainment for hundreds of users of the social network.

“Jojo even popped some champagne to celebrate Cariúcha’s elimination. I’m feeling sick (sic)”, published a user, with an excerpt from the live where the singer appears celebrating her rival’s elimination.

The number of publications about the elimination took the tag “Cariúcha” to the top 3 of the most talked about topics on the social network in the first hour after elimination.

Cariúcha received 9.74% of the votes and left the reality show. She competed to stay on the program with Márcia Fu and Shayan.

Shayan received the most votes to remain in A Fazenda, while Márcia Fu was second in the public’s preference. Both did not have their percentages disclosed. In the reality show, viewers vote for who they want to stay in the game and the person with the least votes leaves the competition.

Jojo takes legal action against Cariúcha for “spreading hatred against her on her social networks”. According to the website Metrópoles, the champion of the 2020 edition of the reality show is asking the Court to prohibit Cariúcha from mentioning her name in publications, in addition to compensation for moral damages of at least R$50,000.

On Cariúcha’s Instagram profile, a post lamented the former’s elimination.

“Our Cari lived the reality, she played with everything and experienced all the emotions. Cariúcha left the game early, but she definitely scored A Fazenda 15. Gratitude to everyone who supported us and voted tirelessly for her to be saved, Cariúcha will be very happy and grateful for this”, says the publication.

Source: Folha

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