If you let go and react spontaneously you will make a big communication mistake in your career field today. It needs careful handling and diplomatic language… If you are in a relationship you should show patience and trust in your partner, especially if your relationship is in its first steps.


Every new beginning is necessarily accompanied by the end of a situation. Don’t mourn what is over, focus on the new that is beginning. However, the presence of a close friend will be useful to you. It is one of those days when the presence of just one loved one is able to calm our soul…


Some memories from the recent or distant past come back and haunt your day. Push away that which causes you pain and distress so that it does not become a brake on your path. You are extremely sensitive people and are greatly influenced by the concerns and problems of others. But it is one thing to support friends and another to appropriate other people’s problems and suffer…


It is a day when the heavens are open for you. You can ask your superiors what you envision for your career and be heard, as long as your arguments are well thought out and you have positive energy. You will only need to be careful not to trust people who are anything but trustworthy and who want your best. Watch your back…


The day is wonderful to rekindle your relationship with your loved ones. Problems in other areas of your life seem to be resolved, time to deal with your personal relationships as well. You need to find your balance in your relationship. Arrange your affairs in such a way that you can find the time to do it seriously.


The planetary setting brings tensions and important arguments, either with members of your family or with a friendly person. It will be a clash of megatons that can cause a break in relations. In your career, effort and hard work are important factors, but you must also know where you are leading your career. Set goals and follow a steady course.


Today you decide to deal with some outstanding issues that have been bothering you for the last time. But be sure to be careful in your handling and aware of the smallest detail of the cases. A relationship of yours, currently superficial, may be showing signs of a more serious turn. Check the situation and don’t let go, because you might find yourself in front of some surprises…


You must find your inner balance today and release painful hauntings from the past in order to move forward. It may be painful, but it is absolutely necessary. Meditation will help you get the distance you need from your problems, as well as recharge your batteries.


You become advantageous today and you will get into big trouble. Stretch yourself as far as it will take you and don’t take on more obligations than you can handle or you will be exposed. Some turbulence will be recorded in your personal or professional life and it is a good opportunity to put your diplomatic talent into motion to calm passions.


Something will bring your fears and anxieties to the surface and throw you off balance. Don’t give them more importance than they deserve and suffer unfairly. Push away the bad thoughts. You have the rare opportunity for your body and spirit to find the perfect balance! You should make room for more spirituality in your life, which will affect your physical condition in a positive way.


Tensions and arguments create a less than pleasant environment, both on a friendly and professional level. Keep calm, because through tension solutions cannot be born. Don’t get consumed by the small and insignificant things of your everyday life. Rejuvenate mentally or refresh your space by doing some visual interventions to feel better and distract yourself.


You should use your diplomacy today, regarding issues of your family environment. Even if people you don’t hold in high esteem are involved, you will have to keep the balance… With calmness and determination you will manage to put things in order and solve important issues.

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