It is still a real puzzle to some how a man stands in the middle of a green plain and hits a small ball with a stick, aiming beyond the reach of his field of vision. And yet, golf is a favorite sport of many, and over the years it has largely been identified with the elite.

The youth was quite far from this sport, until the corona virus pandemic came to overturn the existing facts. The lack of crowding and long distances that characterize golf courses has allowed this sport to “reboot” a little faster than the rest. So, in their quest to get back into action and the outdoors, many people have turned to golf.

According to the professional golfer and coach Tisha Alynsome of the new social groups showing interest in the sport are millennials, Gen Z and women in general.

Despite what you read, you may still associate golf with the image of a middle-aged man taking aim, hitting, and then taking a sip of his drink, and with good reason. But Tisha explains that golf is a great full-body workout and gives you five reasons to start playing golf right away.

  • You spend time outdoors

Walking between fairways on a golf course is a lot of steps,” Tisha tells Poosh. So, as you play golf, you also combine the exercise of walking. “Walking is not just a recommended daily activity, but a great way to activate your whole body“, she emphasizes.

  • You burn a lot of calories

You can burn up to 1,400 calories in a round of golf”, explains Tisha, and we have to admit that this number is really impressive. The athlete emphasizes that these calories correspond only to the effort you put in to play. If you add in the aforementioned walking, then that number will change dramatically. “Practicing and developing a golf swing requires tremendous concentration and precision. In this way, you exercise mind and body at the same time. A simple throw engages the core, upper body, glutes and legs. It’s an explosive movement that activates the whole body and challenges it in different ways and that’s exactly the beauty of it for me“, she says herself.

  • You exercise without getting too tired

Golf is considered a moderate-intensity activity beneficial to overall health. It protects cardiovascular health and is an excellent exercise for everyday life”, explains Tisha.

  • You don’t need to have experience

There’s nothing more fun than lugging your Sunday bag around with friends and playing a quick round. It doesn’t matter if you win, or even if you reach the goal. The important thing is to enjoy it. Walk through the grounds of the stadium and follow the longest route,” suggests Tisha. “I also highly recommend taking the time to do some stretching before starting the game. Thus, you will protect your body from possible injuries».

  • You socialize

I love the way this sport connects and brings people together”, confesses Tisha. “I cannot describe how many amazing people I have met through the sport. I made the best friends during my training. And all because we love chasing a little white ball around».