Today’s episode is a female affair, as Markos Seferlis welcomes four girls into the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours”. Vasia and Violetta, who are coming for the third time to cook, as well as their friends Rafaelia and Marina.

Vasya and Violetta have given their best and have knocked out all their opponents so far.

Watch the trailer:

Vasia’s “show” continues with her giving advice to her fans.

Violetta, for her part, will try to “run” Vasya in order to cook “Gigi’s salmon with rigatoni”.

my mum

The rival couple, Rafaelia and Marina, are fellow students with Marina having no idea about cooking. With Rafaelia’s instructions, he will try to make “chicken schnitzel with fries”. After a disastrous process, with Marco leaving the role of presenter and entering the kitchen holding a fire extinguisher and a mop, they finally manage to serve a dish. But no one knows if it is… eaten.

my mum

Hector Botrini must give a “red card” to one of the two pairs and give 1,000 euros to the opponents. Salmon or chicken?