Chocolate poster boy, Felipe Neto is attacked by Bolsonarists who promote boycott


Bolsonaro supporters and people opposed to YouTuber Felipe Neto’s political stances have attacked the influencer on social media for becoming the poster boy for Bis chocolate.

On X (formerly Twitter), the hashtags #Bisnuncamais and #FelipeNeto appeared in first and second place this Monday morning (16). Videos in which people and even children go to the market and stop buying sweets because of Neto have taken over the social network.

Even a former Globo reporter has expressed his dissatisfaction with Neto’s campaign for the brand. This is the case of Janaina Xavier, who from her profile said that she mentioned eating a sweet from a competing brand.

“The stock is full and the shelves are full. Do you want a truce? Obviously not, you want money in your pocket. Your chocolate shares have plummeted, because you attacked so many people. Now do you want affection?”, he said. She also stated that the brand should choose its influencers better and check “the track record” and not just the number of followers.

Through social media, even without mentioning names or the brand, Felipe Neto left a message for those who criticize him. “Our history continues to be written with our sweat and the tears of extremists.”

Mondelez Brasil, manufacturer of Bis, told Meio & Mensagem that its hiring of influencers is solely related to relevance in the gamer and entertainment universe, without any link or political support of any kind. And that reaffirms its absolute respect for diversity of opinions.

Neto went to Podpah to publicize the partnership with chocolate and there the YouTuber said he had hired an intelligence service to monitor possible attacks against him.

“The police came to my house to tell me that I was being sued, and the reason was that I was swearing in an old video,” he said.

According to him, an escape plan was thought of out of fear of being arrested. “I was formally accused of victimless corruption of minors,” he argued.

Felipe Neto, who took a stand against the government of then-president Jair Bolsonaro, from PL, and became a target of the far right on the internet, was also accused of a crime against national security. The YouTuber defended himself in court in both cases, in addition to “telling people what was happening and praying.”

Source: Folha

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