Today relationships have become more difficult than ever. People are coming out of a long period of “darkness” where their only choice was to marry the person their family chose and go with it, no matter how good or bad that path was. The changes in mentality, the revolution in conservatism and the more liberal treatment of relationships brought freedom, choices.

But it also brought confusion. It brought a self-centered mood to the fore. In a world that “runs” at dizzying speeds, that has so many requirements and makes communication so easy, everyone wants to derive satisfaction to the maximum extent possible. He does not give in and does not compromise easily. That’s why relationships become more superficial, more casual. The essence is hard to find. And until it is found, many are those who mess with it love triangles, while reaching many different people. They communicate with potential partners, flirt with them, without promises and commitments. This may sound scary to some. For others, however, it is a way of life. Endless search, acquaintance and contact… until that one, the brightest point, the final destination stands out on the horizon.

Which signs will you meet most often in love triangles?

  • Gemini gets bored of the same things

It is known to be the most mutable sign of the cycle. He is distinguished by an innate curiosity, which he tends to manifest in his romantic relationships as well. This practically means that he can find himself involved in several different stories at the same time. Gemini likes not to take itself too seriously in matters of love. After all, it is very easy for him to start a simple conversation on a human level and turn it into a flirtation. Sure, he can have a lot of fun with it, but this behavior also has its downsides, because it’s hard to take him seriously.

  • For Libra, decisions are not his forte

Its name says it: Libra always fluctuates between two different sides. He has to weigh things and, believe me, that weighing takes a long time. With Venus as its ruling planet, Libra is definitely ruled by romance, which should easily direct it to a person with whom it will create a solid relationship. And yet, he cannot easily get the other available options out of his mind. So he leaves the landscape murky until he decides which way the scales are tipped. And if you’re wondering when Libra will decide, there’s only one answer: Maybe never.

  • For Sagittarius, dating is a never-ending adventure

Being the free spirit of the zodiac, Sagittarius prefers a love life that keeps them on their toes. That’s why, many times, cohabiting with multiple partners may not be something you accidentally find yourself in, but a conscious choice. Whatever he’s doing, Sagittarius is always looking for his next adventure, and it’s imperative that those around him be able to keep up. Fate, therefore, ends up getting involved in love triangles, leaving all possibilities open and without putting pressure on anyone, but of course not accepting either.