Pierce Brosnan, Samuel L. Jackson and Brandon Lessard are in Montana filming the movie “Unholy Trinity” under his direction Richard Gray and having secured an interim agreement with the SAG-AFTRA.

Lee Zacharias’ script tells a tale of revenge, dark secrets and buried treasure set in 1870s Montana. It follows Isaac Broadway, who shortly before his execution commissions his son, Henry (Lessard), to kill the man who framed him for a crime he did not commit. Determined to fulfill his promise, Henry travels to the town of Trinity, where an unexpected turn of events traps him between the town’s honest new sheriff (Brosnan) and a mysterious figure (Jackson).

It’s a fascinating story and we feel fortunate to be able to make an epic western during the strike, with SAG-AFTRA at every turn. Paradise Valley in Montana is a spectacular location and the perfect setting for this special story“, said Richard Gray in a statement to “Deadline”.