On October 22 or 23 every year, we come out of its season Libra and we enter Scorpio season. So, if your birthday is on October 22 or 23, you can officially say that you were born on change.

Yes, but are you really a Scorpio or a Libra? Which zodiac sign’s characteristics dominate your own personality?

First you should know that being born on a change of signs does not mean that you automatically have elements from both signs since the position of the planets at the exact time of birth also plays a role. Planets for example like Mercury and Venus always travel close to the sun in each sign, so there is a good chance that a Libra born at the end of October will have a lot of Scorpio elements, or vice versa a Scorpio born at the end of October .

Libra season always begins on the day of the autumnal equinox, which helps us find balance in our lives and build social relationships. On the other hand, we tend to become more introverted. Each planet’s passage through the zodiac depicts a journey—and in the case of the Libra-Scorpio shift, this energy takes us into the heart of autumn and asks us to rebuild trust with the people around us.

Although being a person born in the transition of these two signs may not technically mean anything, you may have the energy of both in your astrological chart.

If this is the case, then you should understand the characteristics of this intermediate state because then you will also understand your own personality better.

The main part to understand is that of relationships since it is no surprise that Libra is very social and often very busy with their personal relationships. And while Scorpio may not be one of the most social signs, they invest a lot in their interpersonal relationships.

Thus, people born on this shift strive to seek a deeper intimacy in their relationships and make their bonds a priority. After all, both of these signs know the value of being able to trust and connect with another person on an authentic level.