Bruna Biancardi appears only in a bathrobe on social media and ignores Neymar’s serious injury


This Wednesday (18), Bruna Biancardi, mother of Neymar’s son, made an appearance on social media, following the serious incident involving the player in the game between Brazil and Uruguay in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, held on Tuesday (17). Contrary to expectations, the influencer apparently chose to completely ignore the accident that left her boyfriend in a delicate situation, focusing only on her luxurious postpartum period.

The injury suffered by Neymar, which could impact his career with both Al-Hilal and the Brazilian team in the coming months, went unnoticed by Bruna. Instead of addressing her partner’s condition, the digital influencer took to her Instagram to promote a luxury bedding brand.

In her first appearance after the incident, the influencer presented details of baby Mavie’s maternity décor, but drew attention when she appeared exclusively wearing a personalized luxury bathrobe, from the same brand she was promoting. Bruna praised the model, which bears her initials, BB, and which was created especially for her.

There are no official confirmations that Neymar and Bruna Biancardi have ended their relationship, after the player’s alleged betrayals.

Source: Folha

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