Christos Loulis appeared yesterday, Wednesday, October 18, as a guest on the ERT show “Studio 4”, on the occasion of the second cycle of the drama series “The vow”but also the long-awaited performance of Ethnikos “The Evangelism”in which he stars.

Among other things, the popular actor also spoke about the attacks he has received in the past, on the occasion of some of his statements.

I can understand how it feels to have a lot of people swearing at you. It’s a little wild. You feel angry, hopeless and tired, you feel empty and you feel numb. All this together. The thought “what I wanted and talked about” may cross your mind, but at that time what is the point?“, the actor initially said.

The worst thing is not that it puts a brake on you, but that every time something like this happens, your heart hardens, cools, cools, and then you need more effort to warm and soften“, he explained and added: “I have been wronged, I know. I have been all bad, as I have been all good. Our natural predisposition is not to be only bad, nor only good».