A Fazenda 15: Jenny Miranda’s team denounces attacks after Rachel Sheherazade’s expulsion


Jenny Miranda’s team issued an official statement regarding the expulsion of Rachel Sheherazade from A Fazenda 15. This Thursday (19), the journalist was disqualified from Record’s rural reality show, accused of attacking the influencer, an episode that was corroborated by professionals who manage Jenny’s career during her confinement.

In a statement released on the peoa’s official networks, the text reports what happened: “On the morning of October 19, during confinement on the program, Jenny Gontijo and Rachel Sheherazade were involved in an argument that culminated in a regrettable incident of aggression.”

According to the program’s production team, Rachel Sheherazade allegedly attacked Jenny Gontijo’s physical integrity. The act was captured by the cameras of the program’s production team. The statement continued with a strong condemnation of the violence: “We are deeply shocked by what happened and we strongly condemn any form of violence.”

Jenny Miranda’s office reiterated its support for the participant and her right to a safe environment on the program: “The program management made the decision to expel Rachel Sheherazade as a result of this incident, in accordance with established rules and regulations.”

However, the influencer’s team expressed concern about the reversal of blame in the incident: “What we are observing is a reversal of blame for the incident. Many attacks are being made on social media directed at our participant. However, the person who took the action was the production of the program A Fazenda based and recorded on indubitable facts.”

The note also warned that the attacks and offenses against Jenny could constitute crimes subject to legal action: “Like the general public, we are awaiting more information about what happened and, in case of new information, we will keep you informed.”

Record stated that it will show the images of the aggression and provide more details about the expulsion on Thursday night’s program.

Source: Folha

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