Marília Gabriela undergoes surgery for genital prolapse; understand


Marília Gabriela told her social media followers this Friday (20) that she had gynecological surgery. The procedure took place at the beginning of October after the journalist was scared by her symptoms.

“I’ve been missing. On October 2nd, I was going to travel to London, with a quick stop in Lisbon. That’s right. I didn’t travel. I had symptoms of a genital prolapse, which I didn’t know about,” she said in the video. “It’s about the loss of support from the organs. In my case, uterine organs,” she explained.

Marília also said that she was among the groups most likely to present the condition: “this type of prolapse is quite common among women who had normal births and/or super babies. I had both. Normal births and big babies.”

The journalist said that everything happened very quickly after the symptoms appeared: “In two days I was on the operating table. I was operated on by a wonderful gynecological surgeon.” “Recovery, I’m not going to lie to you, is not very pleasant. I’m getting used to myself again. New habits,” she said.

The journalist said that she received a “polypropylene line inside” and that she is “relearning her intestinal functions, without the prolapse.”

Source: Folha

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