Why Gabriela Pugliesi abandoned her last name and now introduces herself as Gabriela Morais


Gabriela, former Pugliesi and now Morais, was interviewed by De Frente com Blogueirinha last Monday (23) and explained the story behind yet another name change. The surname with which she became known belongs to her first husband, personal trainer Thiago Pugliesi, and the influencer had tried to disassociate herself from him before.

Gabriela said that, as she was not raised by her biological father, she was never attached to her given name and adopted “Pugliesi” when she got married for the first time, 10 years ago. “I actually gave that name because I got married civilly. Afterwards, I became known as that,” she told Blogueirinha.

As her image on the internet was associated with her surname, she kept it for a few years, even after divorcing Thiago and marrying Erasmo Viana, her second husband. Now, already married to Túlio Dek and pregnant with her second child, Gabriela decided to change once again.

The influencer also said that Túlio had to change his birth certificate to include “Morais” in the names of his wife and children. “I had to change his name on the certificate because he didn’t have ‘Morais’, which was his mother’s name.” The influencer said that she chose the surname because she had a certain “feeling” that made her mobilize the whole family.

Gabriela had already tried to break away from the surname “Pugliesi” since 2021, when she was dating Túlio and after a crisis due to throwing a party during quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time, she changed her Instagram profile to @eusougabriela and started calling herself “Gábi”, as she also names her line of health and beauty products.

Source: Folha

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