Jeremy Renner has announced that he will release a “deeply healing” collection of songs written in response to the snowplow accident that nearly took his life.

The Marvel movie actor was crushed by a snowplow on January 1, 2023, outside his home in Nevada and suffered blunt force trauma to the chest and several other injuries.

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Renner was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for severe trauma, 30 broken bones and bleeding.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, the star of “Hurt Locker” made reference to an upcoming new collection of songs titled ‘Love and Titanium’ explaining that creating them was a ‘purgatory’ way of dealing with his experience.

A collection of music we’ve written for different milestones in my journey to recovery since January 1st this year.” write down. “’Love and Titanium’ was painful, deeply healing and ultimately a healing process for me to create. I hope I get the courage to share it with you».

The word “soon” is included in the accompanying photo.

Renner has dabbled in music before, releasing two EPs – Live For Now and The Medicine – in 2020.