For two consecutive episodes, Sofia and Lyuba proved that in addition to being good singers, they are also good cooks, or at least better than their opponents, since they managed to emerge victorious with the dishes they prepared.

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In today’s episodeThe Markos Seferlis welcomes them for the third time in the kitchen of the show “My mom cooks better than yours” while in front of them will be two close friends, Mimis and Fotini.

Lyuba with Sofia’s guidance will try to make “Creamy Garlic Chicken with baby potatoes” but the risk of the potatoes remaining uncooked is visible. Will they succeed this time too?

Mimis and Fotini come to interrupt the girls’ party. Mimis is a plumber and Fotini is a nursery nurse. The two are close friends, with their friendship being very strong and enduring over time… But will she withstand the pressure Mimis puts on Fotini, until she finally prepares the “lemon pork with potatoes”?

my mum

The final judgment will come from Hector Botrini, who will decide which is the best dish and which couple will win the 1,000 euros of the episode.