BBB 22: Rodrigo complains about ‘unfunny’ singing and jokes from reality colleagues


Second eliminated from BBB 22 (Globo), Rodrigo Mussi confessed that he exaggerated the dose by only talking about the game during the confinement, but he did not fail to snipe his colleagues “good vibes” who remain in the dispute. According to him, the way the other participants saw the game did not match his.

“When I saw everyone looking good, I just thought that this was the chance of a lifetime and I didn’t want to change who I am,” he commented. “I wasn’t afraid to play games. And I thought: do I have to stay here singing music, laughing at the boring jokes?”

The commercial manager from São Paulo states that the program was “the chance of a lifetime” and, therefore, he was not afraid to commit himself. “I thought the crowd was passive for the game”, he confessed. “But it’s their right, there’s no right or wrong. But, in my view of the BBB, it didn’t match.”

“I saw it more as a professional than a personal side,” he compared. “I stopped working to be on reality, so in my head, it was like I was working there. I would wake up and want to play — I don’t know if it was a mistake or not — but other people wanted to play more, enjoy. “

He said that he felt a rejection of the other participants because of this difference in the vision of the game. “Every time I tried to talk about the game and people denied it, I was sad as hell. I went to the pool, I wanted to be alone…”, he remembers. “This was a totally different cast than I imagined, it took me by surprise.”

In addition, he also revealed that he didn’t stay with anyone inside the house because there was no feeling with anyone. “I really wasn’t interested,” he assured her. “Maybe later on it could happen, but two weeks was too short. The girls are wonderful, very nice people, they treated me with the greatest affection in the world. But it was not my intention until then to be with anyone.”

Rodrigo explained that, even though he declared that he liked someone outside the house, he entered the single game. “I like someone out here, but I wasn’t in a relationship,” he said. “Yes, I could relate. Up until that point, I wasn’t interested.”

The former BBB also credited his elimination, with 48.45% of the votes, to the fact that he tried to look to some colleagues for guidance on topics such as racism and transphobia, after using inappropriate terms during the program.

“It was a combination of things”, he evaluated. “My mistake of trying to orient myself within the BBB… This was a learning experience for my life because, in fact, I have to seek knowledge, and not have someone to teach me within the program. aggressive way of playing… It was a sum of things that didn’t favor my permanence in the last week.”

Now that he is out of contention for the prize of R$ 1.5 million, he said he does not know what he will dedicate himself to outside the house. “I’m a little lost,” he confessed himself. “I saw that I already have some proposals and I’m going to try to swim with the wave. I’m a guy who likes to study, likes to work a lot. I don’t know which market I’m going to, but here I don’t stop.”

Source: Folha

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