It didn’t take many episodes to see the first moves of strategy. THE Emilia Vodos she managed to prevail over her opponents in the final exit test, and this time she had the privilege of choosing the leader of the opponents. But her criteria were far from selfless. She looked for someone to help her protect her friends, Angeliki and Tasso. He found this help in her face M. Kalavria.

The new Green captain put up a great fight for her team to retain their accommodation. But the Yellows were better and won.

Regardless of groups and accommodations, the Celebrities they have made their choices and created their groups. Panos Kallidis and Bo, with a shared love for music, found a unique way to communicate and have fun.

A different group is that of Tasos Xiarchos and Stella Georgiadou. The two appear to have shared important information about their lives, with the dancer talking about it on camera and breaking down in tears.