Another afternoon in the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours” with the rival couples having fun, singing and dancing until they drop. Will they cook? At the end of the ordeal, Marcus and Hector are left speechless by the dishes presented before them.

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Mimis and Fotini they managed to win in the previous episode and enter the kitchen for the second time. But this time Markos’ attention is drawn to the single stone that Mimis gave as a gift to Fotini. The two cook “traditional carbonara” while at the same time trying to convince Marco that they are just friends, but he is not convinced. Will their dish get positive comments from Hector?

Their opponents, another couple. Nikos and Eleni they have been married for 6 years and have two children. Eleni puts Nikos in the kitchen and guides him to make “yuvarlakia”. He himself loses them from stress. Will the… “kisses” that Nikos sends to the avgolemono finally save the dish?

my mum

The dishes that arrive before Hector are disappointing in both appearance and taste. By what criteria will he choose the winner of the episode?