On September 22, 1994, “Friends” premiered on his television air NBC. The show quickly begins to gain a fanatical audience and develops into a phenomenon series. From time to time a lot of unknown information about the series comes to light for the general public, as from 1994 until today – almost 3 decades later – people’s interest and love for the series remains undiminished. But let’s see together some facts about the series that we might not have known…

  • The famous opening credits fountain has appeared elsewhere before ‘Friends’

Unraveling our tangle of unknown information surrounding the series we will start at the beginning – and of course, what more “beginning” than the opening credits of the series? More specifically, we will refer to the now legendary fountain, from which each episode begins. So, the fountain of the opening credits, which – to the great surprise of many fans of the series, who are looking for it on the streets of New York – is not in New York, but in the studio of Warner Bros. in Burbank, California, it has not “starred” only in “Friends”. He made his screen debut a year before the show began, in the Kenny Ortega film Hocus Pocus. In fact, the fountain is a breath away from various other sets, while in the background we see… fake houses, which complete the scenery.

  • The original plan envisaged 4 main protagonists

The series

As strange and incongruous as it may seem to us now, the original plan for the series called for four – not six – lead roles. More specifically, the initial thought was for Phoebe and Chandler to appear in the show as supporting roles, as the series officials have revealed, framing the main cast of the 4 main protagonists. However, with the development of the plot, the makers decided that the show will focus on the lives of all the 6 friends.

  • The main couple of the series were Monica and Joey

The series

Although Monica and Chandler are for many the favorite couple of the series, with a relationship based on maturity and mutual understanding – in contrast to the relationship of Ross and Rachel, which is considered toxic by a large portion of fans – their relationship was not foreseen from the beginning of the series. Monica’s partner in the series would be Joey, and in fact the two of them would form the central couple of the show. The original script had Monica briefly hooking up with Chandler, before she eventually ended up with Joey. However, the chemistry of Courteney Cox with Matthew Perry and the positive response of the public towards this particular love story, convinced the creators to change their original plans.

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