Indirect? Bruna Marquezine bursts into laughter when asked about ‘a deliverance’ by Blogueirinha


Actress Bruna Marquezine had fun, on Monday night (30), participating in “De Frente com a Blogueirinha”. In the traditional game of direct questions and answers, the artist was asked about something that is not part of her reality and internet users promptly stated that it was Neymar.

“A deliverance”, Blogueirinha asked, seriously. Within seconds, Bruna couldn’t help herself and started laughing. “A deliverance? (laughs) Yeah… first thing. I don’t know, I’m tired, I’ll think about my second”, she said, making the presenter change the subject.

“The ‘Neymar’ stuck on the tip of your tongue,” wrote user Lucas Paiva, on Twitter. “Bruna Marquezine almost dropped the name of that human trash. Almost”, published Sérgio Santos.

Bruna Marquezine and Neymar dated between 2013 and 2018, with some comings and goings.

In “De Frente com Blogueirinha”, other aspects of Marquezine’s life were also on the agenda. She commented, for example, how surprising it was when Anitta offered to share the rent on a house for them in the United States. “At first I thought it was great, then I thought I wanted to rent my space. I love my friend, but we have a lot of things, she works with a lot of people. I have one thing, I’m insecure thinking I’m bothering people,” she explained.

Furthermore, the two recalled the phase in which the actress was criticized for “God Save the King”. “It hurt a lot because it was something very unreasonable and very cruel on the internet. I came to understand a long time later that there were people behind this movement. It wasn’t just the public’s reaction,” said Marquezine. “I liked what we had built in the months of preparation, I liked a new record, but you know when it becomes fashionable to not like someone, when it becomes fashionable to ‘hate’ someone? He had a bit of that look and there were people behind making this happen.”



Source: Folha

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