I can’t talk anymore, can you stop the camera please?“, she said Priscilla Presley during an interview with the journalist Piers Morganspeaking about the death of her daughter Lisa Marie, who “passed away” suddenly on January 12 from a small bowel obstruction at the age of 54.

It’s like a big part of your life has been taken away“, he stated in the interview that will be broadcast today, according to “Sun”. He pointed out that Lisa Marie had shown signs of being unwell during the Golden Globes, where actor Austin Butler won Best Actor for his performance in the film “Elvis”.

He didn’t look well that night and I was worriedPriscilla recalled. “He asked Jerry Schilling, one of my best friends, if he could hold her and I thought, “Is she okay?” She looked very weak. Then we watched the event, laughed and were all excited about Austin Butler and his [σκηνοθέτη] Buzz [Λούρμαν]the film did so well, we were proud of them».

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At the end of the evening Lisa Marie suggested they continue for a drink. Arriving at the hotel «we were both wearing high heels we tripped on the stairs and started laughingPriscilla continued. “However, very quickly she began to feel severe pain and said, “Mom, I have to go, my stomach hurts a lot.” Then I hugged her and she went her way and I went mine. It was the last hug I gave her“, said Presley excitedly.