Four weeks have already passed for the celebrities of “I’ ma celebrity… Get me out of here!” in SKAI, in the distant jungle of Agios Dominicos with surprises but also new challenges.

The fourth week started with the usual battle for the “good” and “bad” camp, while a little earlier Nikos Vamvakoulas as the leader of the Green team had appointed Giorgos Heimoneto as the leader of the Yellow team. His initiative brought reactions within his team.

The biggest test for the camp was the height, as players had to climb and then jump from a 45m tall structure, having first collected their stars.

Panos Kalidis defeated Nikos Anadiotis, Aggeliki Iliadis had to face Ioanna Lili but her fear of heights got the better of her and the victory of the Yellows was decided on the last climb when Giorgos Heimonetos won the BO. The yellow team returned to the good camp where a double bed was waiting for them and in addition they will enjoy a fresh full breakfast every day!

Panos Kalidis with Emilia Vodos and Nikos Anadiotis with Maria Kalavria participated in the charity event. The contestants had to solve a puzzle while inside a box. A wheel with different animals was the one that would determine the companionship they would have inside the box!

Giorgos Lianos and Kalomira were spinning the wheel and soon snakes, tarantulas and mice were found in the box along with the players. Despite her efforts, Maria Calabria failed to complete the test and saying the key sentence “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here!” came out of the box.

Panos Kalidis, Nikos Anadiotis and Emilia Vodos completed their own puzzles adding 3,000 euros to the piggy bank for the “Together We Can” reforestation project.

A more fun game awaited the two teams afterwards, resulting in a draw! Greens and Yellows enjoyed a karaoke party in the middle of the jungle with George Lianos and Kalomira! After the party and the relaxation, the two groups came face to face with the unexpected wrath of Mitsos, the local “elephant”! The winners of the game were once again the Yellows who went shopping at the jungle grocery store!

The intention of Panos Kalidis and Giorgos Chemonetos to share ingredients from their breakfast and slices of cake with the opposing team without asking the others brought reactions from the Yellow team who did not consider it fair. As the time for the departure test approached, the wells and the tensions between the Celebrities began.

Arriving at the critical time of the game, Giorgos Heimonetos saved Nikos Vamvakoulas who in turn saved BO, that Nikos Anadiotis who eliminated Maria Kalavria. Maria gave her own positive vote to Ioanna Lili who in turn saved Panos Kalidis and he, although he felt closer to Angeliki Iliadis, with the latest developments, decided to save Emilia Vodos.

In the withdrawal test, Angeliki Iliadis, Tasos Xiarchos and Tryfonas Samaras faced each other, who finally decided not to participate by taking himself out of the game. The match between the other two showed Tassos Xiarchos as the winner, who will now be the leader of the Yellow team. Who will be the leader of Green? We will find out next Wednesday 8/11 in the new episode of “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here!”.

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