The new program in choreographies by Diego Tortelli, by Eva Georgitsopoulou and Konstantinos Rigos will be presented for five unique performances on 12, 14, 16, 17 and 18 November 2023.

Colors comes after the successful presentation of the triptychs Human Behavior and Human Nature on the Alternative Stage of ELLS and once again confronts the dancers of the ensemble with the special requirements of the smaller scale and contemporary dance forms, intertwining the musical sensuality of mature romanticism with the rhythmic and tonal richness of today’s musical creation.

In the new triptych, the work HOLE IN SPACE by the Italian choreographer Diego Tortelli to the music of Federico Bigonchetti converses with the works W(h)oman by Eva Georgitsopoulou to the music of Sebastian Diakakis Nilos and Les Nuits d’été by the director of the ELS Ballet Constantinos Rigou to the music of Hector Berlioz, composing an impressive program of contemporary dance that overflows with dynamism and energy and captivates the senses.


Choreography, scenery, costumes: Diego Tortelli
Music, drummer in the video: Federico Bigonchetti
Graphic Videos: Alessandro Tortelli
Lighting design: Roman Fliegel
Drama: Miria Wurm
They dance: Manes Alberti, Vangelis Bikos, Yiannis Gandsios, Elena Kekkou, Marita Nikolitsa, George Hatzopoulos