‘I have a story that supports me, I’m not just anyone’, says Regina Duarte about controversies


Actress Regina Duarte, 76, found herself involved in many controversies in 2023, mainly due to prejudiced posts that were sometimes labeled by the social network itself as false.

“I believe in plurality, I defend freedom of expression”, he said in an interview with the program Fofocalizando (SBT) “I have a story that supports me, I’m not just any one that has emerged now.”

In 2020, she ended a 50-year contract with TV Globo to take over the Special Secretariat for Culture in the government of former president Jair Bolsonaro, where she stayed for less than three months, after an intense frying process and under the promise that would head the Cinemateca Brasileira, which did not happen.

Regarding returning to television, Regina says she wants to, “but I find it difficult to find any proposal that brings me something new.” She adds: “When I come back, I hope I don’t disappoint after all the incredible things I’ve done in my life.”

In October, the actress opened an exhibition on botanical art in São Paulo. To do this, she usually takes cardboard from the streets and creates works using leaves, flowers and tree bark that she finds. The actress says she doesn’t care what people think about this new phase. “I laugh at all this ridicule. Why buy cardboard if I can find it on the streets every day?” she said.

Source: Folha

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