Bruna Biancardi’s mother was threatened by bandits in a robbery, police say


Telma Fonseca, Bruna Biancardi’s mother, suffered at the hands of the bandits who invaded her home, in Cotia, São Paulo, in the early hours of this Tuesday (7). According to delegate Monica Gamboa, she was tied up and threatened with being burned with hot oil by the criminals.

“The moment two criminals entered the house, they immediately caught the owner of the house and his wife. They placed his face close to a pillow and said: ‘Cooperate, everything will be fine’. The woman was then taken to the kitchen and threatened to throw oil in her eyes”, said the person responsible for the case during a press conference held by the Civil Police.

Monica stated that the crime was planned by a gang of people who ‘have no convictions, but are involved in the crime’. She denied that it was an attempted kidnapping: “We have no indication that the Civil Police identified a motivation for kidnapping or that captivity had already been prepared.”

According to the delegate, the criminals were aggressive towards Bruna Biancardi’s parents. “They coerced the woman to say where the family kept their jewelry with a gun to her head. Then, they left the couple tied with a cat hanger. Her father managed to free himself, and then untied his wife. Soon after, they ran to the ordinance and asked for police support”, he said.

One of the criminals involved in the invasion is a resident of the condominium. Neighbors were surprised by the movement on the property and surrounded the property until one of the suspects was detained. Bruna and Mavie, the influencer’s daughter with Neymar, were not at home. She wrote in a statement on Instagram that she was no longer living there.

Source: Folha

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