You may need to postpone a conversation, a meeting or a commute. This can ultimately work to your advantage, because this way you will have the opportunity to think again about what you should say or do. However, the stars will also bring obstacles and delays in your relationships with your life partner. Keep your temper and don’t escalate situations.


You have a strong urge to get back into an emotional relationship and are looking for a reason. Before taking this step, however, you should be convinced that this time things will go better. You had a lot of expectations and hopes and the day may deny you. Your ego should be taken care of, since it is the one that often prevents you from seeing reality.


You should review the course of your life and find the root cause of the frustration that has overtaken you. Only in this way will you be able to learn useful lessons for the future. You have talents and abilities, but very often you do not use them as and where you should. Today is one of those days, when your actions or your passivity will hurt you. Keep your mind…


The Universe is positively disposed towards you and you feel the joy of life in all its glory. Enjoy this rare clear day as best you can. You will have to make some changes and adjustments to your emotions, as the old and tested models are no longer able to perform as expected.


Someone in the workplace will try to put you down and insult you, motivated purely by feelings of jealousy towards you. Pay no attention to him, the incident is worthless. However, a little fatigue that you may feel should not be ignored. Your body needs rest. Lighten up your schedule and relax.


You feel full of positive energy, as your work affairs are going well and the future is smiling at you. Channel your excess energy into things that will make your life easier. An inner peace helps you cope with your increased obligations in the best possible way. Family matters will require your occupation, but they will be settled in the best possible way.


You will be irritated because some setbacks and delays will create significant problems for you at the work level. Control your reactions and nerves, because you will aggravate the climate even more. Don’t burden yourself with new responsibilities either, because your everyday life can’t handle an extra workload. Look for joy in the good things you have and don’t become advantaged…


A disturbance may arise in the work sector today and some tension with colleagues or superiors due to misunderstandings. Be sure to listen carefully to what others are telling you and don’t rush to do your own thing…


The planetary setting will not bring you a mother from heaven, nor will the machine god take care of your financial problems. Roll up your sleeves and realistically plan the movements that will relieve you. You feel quite vulnerable and need the love and support of those around you, especially your loved ones. It’s a day and it will pass…


Your finances are at a critical juncture today! You will face pressure and you will have to be aware of how you should move properly. The process may be lengthy, so seek professional advice. Take action and don’t wait for Mana to fall from the sky… Also be careful what you wish for today because the heavens are open and you may not like what you experience…


Be more tolerant and open with those around you today and you won’t miss out. At the same time, the day gives you enough energy and inspiration to be able to be one step closer to your goals. Your finances will need your attention today and a cooler eye may be needed to guide you. Don’t let your pride stop you from asking for help if you feel you need it.


The excessive selfishness that you display at times does not only harm your interpersonal relationships, but first and foremost yourself… Keep this in mind, as there is a strong possibility that a new love affair will begin today. For those in a long-term relationship, time fatigue can only be overcome by investing quality and creative time with your partner.

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