In the deep connection he developed with the personality of Maria Callasa role he plays in the hybrid film “Maria Callas: letters and memories” mentioned the Monica Bellucci in the press conference he granted, in the context of Thessaloniki Film Festival.

The Italian star has been in Thessaloniki since yesterday, while Tin the evening she is to be awarded a Golden Alexander for her overall contribution to the seventh art.

“I am grateful to be here, to be honored by the Festival. I am also grateful to this wonderful country. That the Greeks accepted me for the role. Everyone knows how much I love Greece” said an visibly moved Monica Bellucci upon entering the “John Cassavetes” hall at the Port of Thessaloniki, packed with journalists and photographers.

The actress analyzed him in depth complex role of Maria Callaswhich he embodied, while connecting him with that of “Malena” by Giuseppe Tornatore.

What they have in common, she said, is that there were two women in a world made for men.

“What makes the film special and helped me connect with this personality is that it showed Maria behind Callas” she clarified, talking about her first theater job.

“Also something I connected with was her transnationality, as Callas lived mainly in metropolises. But I think the most important connection is love. Love is everything to me. And for her. Maria Callas suffered and sacrificed herself for love” he added, while appreciating that both preferred the background to the spotlight.

The journalists then took over, who “bombarded” the diva with questions, more personal.

In that framework Monica Bellucci revealed, when asked about her relationship with time and age, that she is not troubled by aging, on the contrary, she feels lucky for it.

“I don’t fight against time because I will lose. There is nothing you can do to change things. I feel lucky to be growing up” he said.