Tonight at 21.00, on SKAI

Every Friday night at 21.00, The Markos Seferlis and his… “usual suspects” company offer generous laughs to SKAI viewers with favorite theatrical performances. This Friday they are giving away, “Only love».

In a world where everything is collapsing, economic reserves have been exhausted, moral values ​​are undergoing a huge crisis and solidarity is now an imperative, Markos Seferlis, without any “delusions”, suggests that we give to each other, what we have left ! “Only love!”!

The show prepared by Markos and his… company, promises to take the audience on a journey in cars and airplanes, to exotic beaches, clubs, hair salons, festivals, boxing rings, country roads up to the top of Olympus, giving laughter and… ” Only love”!


Direction: Markos Seferlis
Texts: Markos Seferlis, Stelios Papadopoulos
They star: Markos Seferlis, Yiannis Kapetanios, Thodoris Romanidis, Stelios Kritikos, Yiannis Zoumbandis, Areti Zachariadou, Antonis Vlassis, Chrysa Dimopoulou, Ariana Ioannou

Every Friday at 21.00, on SKAI