Process against ‘Campari coach’ is suspended, and Thiago Schutz celebrates: ‘Everything as planned’


The São Paulo Court suspended the action filed against influencer Thiago Schutz, who became known as the “Campari coach”, accused of threats and psychological violence by actress Lívia La Gatto and singer and samba singer Bruna Volpi.

The process will be paused for the next two years, but may be reopened if Schutz commits a new crime. The decision was celebrated by him on social media, and he thanked his lawyers for their efforts. “Everything as planned,” he said.

Lívia’s lawyer says he will appeal the decision. The influencer is also required to appear every two months for the next 24 months at a notary’s office to sign their presence and justify their professional activities. And he won’t be able to leave the city without authorization. If you do not commit a new infraction, the action will be terminated after the period.

At the beginning of October, actress and comedian Lívia La Gatto celebrated the fact that the court had scheduled Schutz’s trial for November 9th.

“Although it may seem like it’s taking time [uma resposta da Justiça], it is not. It’s going fast even for cases like this, and I see it as good news,” Lívia told Folha.

At the end of February, the actress reported to the police a death threat she received from Schutz after publishing humor videos, in which she satirized phrases said by the coach.

“You have 24 hours to take down your content about me. After that, sue or bullet. Your choice,” Schutz wrote to her. He did the same with Bruna Volpi. The two obtained a precautionary measure in court that determines that the coach stays at least 300 meters away from them.

Source: Folha

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