Ana Hickmann: ‘I was surprised, but it’s always like this’, says Luiza Brunet about the case


Gabriel Vaquer

Luiza Brunet and Ana Hickmann have something in common: they were both highly successful models. But this weekend, they had another coincidence in their lives: they experienced situations of domestic violence.

Brunet was attacked in 2016 by her then partner, Lírio Parisotto. The businessman was sentenced to one year in prison for the attacks. Hickmann accused Alexandre Correia, her husband since 1998, in a bulletin registered this Saturday (11).

After the episode, Brunet became an activist and created an institute that serves women who are in vulnerable situations, most of them from Rio de Janeiro. But women from all over the world talk to the model about what they’ve been through.

On Saturday (11), the same day that Ana Hickmann filed a police report, Luiza Brunet was with the minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), Luís Roberto Barroso, at a conference on the subject.

After learning what happened, Brunet called Ana Hickmann and made himself available to help with whatever was needed, as he stated in an interview with F5 this Sunday (12).

“I was quite surprised, because they were a margarine couple, right? But it’s always like that, that’s generally what happens, appearances are always deceiving. When a woman does this, it’s because other things have already happened. She explodes and this whole attitude,” said Brunet.

“In her case, she is such a beautiful woman, so emblematic, who is so successful and had such a straight life…. I met her at events in her life, we are not great friends, but I made myself available. It was very What she did, as an attitude, is important”, he concluded.

“In my opinion, the campaign against violence needs to be year-round, to change our macho culture of aggression”, said the former model.

Source: Folha

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