The beginning of the week finds Marcos Seferlis with a lot of fun, in the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours”.

Watch the trailer:

New couple in the kitchen, Stelios and Michaela, who have dedicated their lives to the protection of stray animals. Opposite them, the now well-known after four victories, Sostianna and Eva, who enter the kitchen for the fifth time and hope to get more positive comments from Hector with their recipe.

Stelios puts Michaela in the kitchen with the task of cooking “shrimp noodles”. However, Michaela will have a hard time with this recipe as she has never cooked anything like it. The degree of difficulty is also raised by a missing pot lid and Michaela desperately searches for it… Will they be able to take out their opponents?

Sostianna with Eva, in this cooking process they will not be alone. They come with a company that will… dance for them, the parrot of the family, Clairita! Will they succeed with the “garlic cod” to say for the fifth time that “My mom cooks better than yours”? Hector Botrini will give the answer…