BBB 22: Boninho announces the return of Casa de Vidro with new participants


Boninho, director of Big Brother Brasil 2022, decided to set fire to the reality park that has been standing still with the participants in a friendly atmosphere. He announced this Friday night (4) on social media that he will have the return of the classic Casa de Vidro with new participants.

According to Globo, a man and a woman from the Pipoca team will enter the most guarded house in Brazil, who are already in pre-confinement and without contact with the outside world. They are vaccinated against Covid and, even negative, will go through the quarantine period. Before entering the house, they will be tested again.

Participants in the reality show will wake up one day and come across the glass house outside the BBB residence. On the same day, voting will be opened at Gshow for the public to decide whether the residents of the glass house enter the dispute for the prize of R$ 1.5 million.

More details about the day this will happen, the dynamics and the new residents will be announced by presenter Tadeu Schmidt on Friday night. On Instagram, Boninho posted a video behind glass saying: “So did someone say glass house?”

In the video’s caption, Boninho wrote “Are you asking for this? Is it? Tadeu Schmidt helps there… Tell me something today.” Netizens commented: “yes” and “I want”. One of them wrote: “Let’s move this game people.”

Other netizens asked for the return of Rodrigo Mussi, eliminated on the second wall, in the glass house. “The only participant who wants to play has to come back. Rodrigo Mussi comes back.” One woman commented: “Return Rodrigo Mussi. The people will go crazy with his return, he will set fire to the playground even more.”

“For the love of God, put Inês Brasil to save the edition”, asked an internet user. But several people also asked Boninho to put Karol Conká. “Put on the mamacita”.

Source: Folha

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