Former BBB Wagner Santiago speaks out after being associated with alleged abuse reported by Gleici: ‘I ask for forgiveness’


Wagner Santiago, former participant of Big Brother Brasil, spoke out this Tuesday (14) in response to the associations made between him and the reports of Gleici Damasceno, champion of BBB 18. This Monday (13), after the case After Ana Hickmann was highlighted in the media, the ex-BBB revealed that she was a victim of alleged abuse and aggression by an ex-boyfriend in posts on Twitter.

“I’m sorry that Ana Hickmann had to go through this. What happened to her reminded me of an abusive/aggressor ex-boyfriend. At that time, I hesitated to call the police, mainly to protect him (I deeply regret it). It took years of therapy to overcome this”, wrote Gleici, on Twitter. In the comments of the publication, Santiago was mentioned by users as being the alleged aggressor.

In a statement, the artist clarified that he had a relationship with Gleici that officially started in April 2018 and ended in December 2019. Surprised by the accusations of assault, Santiago explained that his name was not mentioned in Gleici’s posts, but there were insinuations.

“Although I cannot evaluate or judge the triggers and motivations for this to have come to light now, I can understand what she felt and feels to this day, and for the words I said at that moment, in the purest sincerity, I ask for forgiveness”, he declared, in a statement on his official Instagram profile. “I want to state that this type of behavior that they allegedly linked to me does not match my attitudes in my affective and interpersonal relationships, and if, unfortunately, traumas occurred in relationships that over time became toxic, I ask for forgiveness and affirm that my search for being a better human being does not include these traits.”

The ex-BBB also stated that he does not regret the breakup. “I can say that I walked away and the right decision was to end a completely worn-out relationship, in which there was no longer any possibility of frank dialogue.”

Source: Folha

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