‘I never imagined myself immortal’, says Margareth Menezes upon joining the Brazilian Academy of Culture


Ana Cora Lima

The weekly tea and the imposing secular building – a replica of the Petit Trianon of Versailles – do not exist as they do at the Brazilian Academy of Letters, but the traditional uniforms and the 56 chairs named after great patrons are part of the rite of the Brazilian Academy of Culture (ABC ), who this Tuesday (14) appointed 13 new academics such as the Minister of Culture, Margareth Menezes, the actress Gloria Pires, the singers Daniela Mercury, Alcione and Liniker, among others.

“I never thought about joining a Brazilian Academy. It’s a little crazy, but I’m grateful”, said the Bahian, who was startled by the word “immortal”. “What’s that? Strong, right? I never imagined myself immortal. But I believe in reincarnation and that’s why we are all immortal anyway”, commented Margareth, who occupied chair 28, which has singer Emilinha Borba as its patron.

Also a new academic, Liniker was thrilled to wear the uniform made in wine and with gold applications by the Zuzu Angel Institute (no one reveals the final price of the uniform given by the house), which symbolizes the love and wealth of spirit of the members of the ABC.

“It’s a responsibility, an honor. Wearing this outfit made me see that being recognized for my cultural work is very special”, observes the singer, now occupying chair 51, whose patron is Elza Soares.

The Brazilian Academy of Culture was founded in December 2021 and is currently chaired by educator Carlos Alberto Serpa. The institution emerged as a response to the demand from artists from different areas to discuss ideas and projects that aimed to strengthen the cultural scene in Brazil.

Source: Folha

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