Since 2002, on the initiative of UNESCO, every third Thursday of November is dedicated to Philosophywhich is proven to be one of the most useful aids to observe and interpret the world, but also to develop our personal judgment.

The history of Philosophy began in Greece in the 6th century and since then, hundreds of intellectuals have formulated over the millennia their ideas about critical aspects of everyday life that concern humanity as a whole, ideas that are still mostly recognized and applied in our thought.

After all, no one can deny the fact that contact with Philosophy helps us to navigate new paths of thought, while at the same time it illuminates all the existing perspectives of viewing the world, thus broadening our horizons. And of course, what would be the best way to get to know the principles and timeless values ​​of Philosophy, from modern literature?

So, on the occasion of World Philosophy Daywhich is being honored for 2023 today, 7 favorite publishing houses have recommended us 11 books that explore in their own unique way current philosophical issues that concern us all, and undoubtedly deserve a place in everyone’s library!

  • Every Day with the Stoics – Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

A experiential approach to philosophy Metaichmio publications consider it the ideal book to start reading on the occasion of World Philosophy Day. With Title “Every day with the Stoics” and content 365+1 reflections on wisdom, perseverance and the art of living, based on the work and characteristic principles of the Stoic philosophers, this book offers its readers every day and from a different Stoic quote.

In addition to quoting basic reflections of Stoic philosophy, however, Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, with the stories that accompany each day’s passages, answer very important questions that concern us all, about real happiness, stress and in general the meaning of life, and try to help us find the peace, self-esteem and resilience we need to live better.